Help your employees ACHIEVE MORE for your business!

Choosing to add a Corporate Wellness program with Achieve Fitness to your employees’ benefit packages shows that you care about their health and happiness as much as you care about the company’s bottom line. We offer options that are tailored to your business ranging from:

  • Partner discounts that allow your employees to purchase a membership at a lower cost (with usage reports).
  • Group membership rates that give your employees access to our facility as part of their benefits package.
  • Private classes or personal training sessions for your employees only.
  • Special classes and personal training at your site.


Prevention Saves!

Health problems are a major drain on the economy with 69 million workers report missing days due to illness each year, reducing economic output by $260 billion annually.

  • Preventable illness makes up 70% of all health care claims.
  • Sick leave absenteeism is 27% lower at companies with work site health promotions
  • 40% of health care costs are due to lost productivity associated with poor health.
  • 26% of employees participating in wellness programs reported missing fewer days of work.


“Every dollar spent on an effective workplace wellness program can generate $3 in savings!”

                        -Center for Disease Control


Invest in your employees

While prevention is the key to company security, investments and improvements lead to larger figures in the bottom line.

An Achieve Fitness Wellness Program will provide the environment for your workforce to reach full potential in a variety of ways:

  • Improve group cohesion
  • Increase motivation, engagement, and overall productivity
  • Elevate energy and attention span
  • Decrease stress and prevalence of job-apathy


Integrate WELLNESS as a business strategy TODAY!

Regardless of your business size, setting, or state of wellness, our team we can form a program that fits your needs! Contact us today!

Mike Glickman, General Manager

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