There are a lot of illnesses that run in the family, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Forgot that you were reading a fitness blog for a moment? We’ll get there, don’t worry. Breast cancer is one of those illnesses that causes every woman around the world to pause and consider her chances and what would happen if she found out that cancer was inside of her. But it’s also one of those illnesses that causes every woman to put her foot down and say, ‘No, I’m not going to be brought down by this.” And that’s where fitness comes in. Whether cancer runs in your family or not, there are ways to decrease the risk of breast cancer from developing. Keep reading for five ways to prevent breast cancer and learn more about our fitness center.

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Watch Your Weight

As women get older, especially when entering into menopause, some may experience weight gain. And what’s worse, the weight focuses on the abdomen, hips, and thighs, but we’ll give you the right exercises for you at our fitness center. During menopause, estrogen levels will rise and other factors of aging, such as decreased muscle mass can lead to a higher risk of breast cancer. It’s not just older women at risk, however, women who are overweight commonly have higher insulin levels. The hormones estrogen and insulin are linked to breast cancer. Even by losing a small amount, around half a pound a week, can lead to several health benefits.

Spend Less Time Sitting

It might seem unlikely, but the American Cancer Society did a study on a link between the amount of time women spend sitting down and breast cancer. Those who spend around six hours or more sitting in their free time have a 10 percent higher chance of developing ovarian cancer, myeloma, and invasive breast cancer. So if you work a desk job for eight hours, five days a week, take five minutes every hour to walk around the office, climb some stairs, or stand up while taking a call. The more time you can spend standing up throughout your day to get your body moving, the better you will feel, and you can decrease your risk of cancer. If you have time after work, visit our fitness center so stretch your muscles after a long day at the desk.

Limit Alcohol

We all love our glass of wine after work, which does have its benefits. However, if you have more than two to three alcoholic drinks per day, there is a higher risk of breast cancer, colon, and liver cancer. We don’t want you to forego every drink and miss out on all of the fun, but being aware of how much you are consuming can go a long way in preventing future risk. Know that one drink could be 12 ounces of beer, five ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits, so two beers at happy hour should be your limit for the day.

Avoid or Limit Hormone Replacement Therapy

Just like estrogen can cause weight gain during menopause, those who take either estrogen or progestin to stave off hot flashes and night sweats can increase their risk of breast cancer. While these hormones can be beneficial in certain ways, our bodies can only handle so much.

Sign up at Our Fitness Center

At Achieve Fitness, our team of personal trainers loves spreading knowledge to the women who visit us. Even though helping to prevent breast cancer can be somewhat of a depressing topic, there is good news in the mix. Women’s bodies are resilient and just working out for a few hours a week can have significant health benefits. Going on a brisk walk for 1.25 to 2.5 hours per week can reduce a woman’s breast cancer risk by 18 percent. So whether you walk around your neighborhood for half an hour each day, or sign up for one of our group fitness classes, you will feel the difference in your body and know that you have done what you can to prevent breast cancer.

Breast cancer doesn’t have to be the scary disease that many of us think it is. October is breast cancer awareness month and Achieve Fitness wants to fight it in any way we can. Come in today and our fitness center will show you some great exercises to work on those thighs, firm up your stomach, and more.