Meet the Team



General Manager/Personal Trainer

Now operating as the General Manager of Achieve Fitness, Preston has worked in every sector of the club during his career here, starting as a front desk consultant and group fitness instructor. In just a few short years, he established himself as the most successful personal trainer on the team, providing a new style of exercise programming that eventually evolved into a management system for the entire staff. Though still training select clients, Preston spends most of his time at Achieve Fitness facilitating efficient growth of the business, and establishing new community partnerships with the goal of reaching as many lives as possible.


Weekday Staff Supervisor

Simone is the most senior and most well-known of any of our staff at Achieve Fitness. If you have any questions or concerns while on the premises Monday-Thursday, Simone is the person that you want to talk to! In fact, many members make up concerns just so they CAN talk to her!


Operations Manager

Dalton is our Weekend Staff Supervisor. If you are new to Achieve you are most likely to see him Friday-Sunday, but don’t be intimidated by his size when you walk through the door! Dalton always has a smile on his face, and is always willing to do everything in his power to help a current or prospective member!


Kid’s Club Staff Supervisor

For many parents, having childcare while working out is an absolute MUST, not to mention a relief. However, for some parents, the thought of leaving their children under someone else’s supervision while they exercise may be a very nerve-racking experience! Regardless of your position on the matter, Katelyn, the Kid’s Club Staff Supervisor, is the most experienced, keen and trustworthy child caregiver Achieve has ever seen! Trust is Katelyn’s abilities, we definitely do!


Group Fitness Staff Supervisor

Not many people can teach 2-3 different group classes back-to-back for multiple sessions a day. Even fewer can outperform everyone attending her classes while yelling exercise ques over the background music! These are the reasons that Shannon is the Staff Supervisor of the entire Group Fitness Sector. She definitely practices what she preaches!