Meet the Team

Michael Glickman

General Manager

After 30 years in the industry, including recent management of the Wyoming Athletic Club,  Mike Glickman has come to Achieve Fitness just after it’s 10th year of business to share his talent and leadership in order to usher in a new decade of excellence.




Brian Wade

Personal Training Manager

Brian has the education, experience, and thirst for progress that has transformed Achieve’s Training programs. He’ll likely be your first point of contact when you finally decide to start the journey of changing your lifestyle and body into the best it can be!


Kid’s Club Manager

For many parents, having childcare while working out is an absolute MUST, not to mention a relief. However, for some parents, the thought of leaving their children under someone else’s supervision while they exercise may be a very nerve-racking experience! Regardless of your position on the matter, Katelyn, the Kid’s Club Staff Supervisor, is the most experienced, keen and trustworthy child caregiver Achieve has ever seen! Trust is Katelyn’s abilities, we definitely do!


Group Fitness Manager

Not many people can teach 2-3 different group classes back-to-back for multiple sessions a day. Even fewer can outperform everyone attending her classes while yelling exercise ques over the background music! These are the reasons that Shannon is the Staff Supervisor of the entire Group Fitness Sector. She definitely practices what she preaches!