Kids start school at around the age of six, which will often have a change of focus from playing to learning. While elementary schools often have gym classes and recesses where kids can go outside and play, breathe some fresh air, and get their blood flowing, the opportunity for getting the exercise they need becomes less and less. There are various studies that have been done showing the importance of children getting a significant amount of time playing and/or exercising. Here are some reasons why joining a family gym in Fleming Island can be beneficial for members of all ages.

  • When kids begin exercising at a young age, they are more likely to continue exercising as adults.
  • Children can build and maintain strong, healthy muscles through active playing or exercise.
  • Regular exercise can prevent or delay diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, as well as improve school attendance and academic performance.
  • Certain exercises can help improve motor coordination.
  • Exercise can help enhance the quantity and quality of kids’ sleep.

Exercises For Kids That Are Fun and Beneficial

  • Planks: Kids can pretend that the floor is lava, but they have protective shoes and arm paddings that will keep them safe. Hold the plank position for 30 seconds, rest one minute, and repeat.
  • Mountain Climbing: This can be done standing up or start in a push-up position for an extra ab workout. Bring one foot up to the armpit and then extend it back and switch legs.
  • Butterfly Kicks: Laying on their backs, have kids raise their legs slightly and flutter-kick them.
  • Burpees: This sequence of standing, moving to a push-up position, kicking your legs behind you, then coming back up and jumping straight off the floor may not be a favorite for adults, but children can find them fun and entertaining.

Family Fitness Center

As kids get older and recess isn’t an option anymore, they may begin to participate in school sports as an alternative exercise. Teenagers should get about an hour of physical activity each day, so sports practices or games are a great way for them to continue raising their heartbeat and building muscle. Kids or young adults who don’t join a team can still feel the benefits of a great workout when they come to our family gym. Our team of friendly personal trainers will make it fun for teenagers to get the movement they need, through exercises like chair squats and butterfly breaths, an exercise that uses both legs and arms.

Visit Our Kid’s Klub

When you want to get a consistent workout but have young children, you can work towards reaching your goals and drop your kids off at our kid’s klub so they can get a dose of activity as well. With a nursery for infants and fun exercises for older kids, your whole family can enjoy feeling great and improving their fitness and health.

Whether you come to Achieve Fitness and work on your own, with one of our trainers, or to join a class, you can be confident that you’re getting fit using the best equipment alongside the most qualified trainers in Fleming Island.

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