Have you ever signed up at a fitness center, went in pumped and ready to get started, just to feel lost and without focus, not knowing where to start first or what will get the best results? The point of going to a local gym is to lose weight if that is your goal, improve your fitness levels, feel confident about your body, and improve your overall health. If you spend an hour on the treadmill a few times a week for a couple of months you will be building a stronger heart and working off calories, but if your goal is to build muscle definition and lose the fat under your arms, it takes a different approach. With Achieve Fitness in Fleming Island, our team of personal trainers will focus on the areas you want to improve most as well as balance in proper nutrition.

What Do You Want To Focus On?


Local GymLiving in Fleming Island, Florida, means a lot of time is spent in apparel that shows off the legs so it’s no surprise that a significant number of people will want to focus on their legs at a fitness center. To improve muscle tone in your legs there are a few muscles that need to be worked out.

  • Calf muscles behind the shin: Improve tone by performing calf pressing (pressing your toes against resistance) and raising (using your calves to raise and lower your body).
  • Quadriceps at the front of your high: Gain strength and definition with barbell front and back squats, using the leg press machine, and dumbbell lunges.
  • Hamstrings at the back of the thigh: Slim down your legs by performing deadlifts with a pair of dumbbells or do some reps of kettlebell swings.


Fitness Center

Muscles that you tend to work out in your arms are the:

  • Biceps include the brachii and brachialis. The biceps brachii is located at the front part of your upper arm between the shoulder and elbow. This muscle allows you to make the curling motion. Perform barbell and dumbbell curls to build muscle and improve tone. The biceps brachialis is the smaller arm muscle that connects the upper muscle to the forearm. Try hammer curls and reverse curls to work out this muscle.
  • Triceps are located at the back of the upper arm and help your elbow extend. Perform reps on the tricep press and close grip bench press.
  • Forearms are located between your elbow and hand. Improve definition with the up and down barbell wrist curls.


Fitness ClassesMen and women want to focus on defining abdominal muscles to achieve a healthy beach body. There are a few muscles you want to work on when focusing on abs. A few exercises that help you focus on improving your abs are knee raises, machine crunches, and planks.

  • Abdominals are made up of rectus muscles found on the top and helps to flex the body forward, and transverse muscles which wrap around the bellow and helps stabilize the spine.
  • Obliques are made up of internal muscles that help you bend and twist your torso and external muscles which lateral movement and rotation of your body.


To get the muscle definition and health improvements that you want to achieve, a balanced nutrition is essential. Give your body the fuel it needs to recharge your muscles and you will see results and feel better at the same time. Work with a personal trainer to stay focused on the right exercise routine and get information about what foods to eat for your body.

At Achieve Fitness, our focus is always improving your body’s health and fitness level. With group fitness classes such as yoga, pilates, and spinning, high-end equipment, and dedicated personal trainers, you can feel and see the results you’ve always wanted to achieve.

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