Together Everyone Achieves More

Working out in a group setting is guaranteed built-in motivation, additional accountability and tons of fun in a more economical training package!
TEAM Training is different than standard Group Fitness classes because it features systems, equipment, programming, and training styles that are not available in standard Group X. Bulgarian Bags, TRX, TiYRs, sleds, kettle bells, battle ropes and more are just part of the fun.

Each class type is different and can vary depending on the focus and goal of the training session. Some classes are a combination of cardio and strength with a focus on efficient heart rate training, some are a combination of plyometrics and strength, some more functional and others based on gymnastics, Olympic lifting, and sports.

We strongly recommend using a MyZone personal performance monitor while taking any TEAM Training class. Not sure which class is right for you? See any of our personal trainers for details or better yet- schedule a complimentary fitness consultation with a trainer and customize a personal fitness program that includes the perfect combination of TEAM Training, 1 on 1 and self-training options.

Member Pricing:
1 Session – $15

10 Sessions – $100

Unlimited- $99 (includes membership)

Class Descriptions


45 minutes of high intensity, functional training that has participants work individually around a specifically created workout space from zone to zone. you will use a variety of training tools that are not found in many facilities but will torch calories, burn fat and create lasting internal and external benefits. Space is limited to 15 participants.

MoveIT Express

All the killer benefits of the move it class, just cut down to a quick, efficient 30-minute class. Space is limited to 15 participants.

Hustle & Muscle

Time to put some hustle behind that muscle! Constantly varied functional and Olympic lift movements performed at high intensity, taking the best of gymnastics, weightlifting, rowing, sports and more and putting them into one amazing 60-minute workout! Space is limited to 25 participants. ( *Must Complete Foundations)


Torch calories and maximize EPOC (the afterburn effect) from high-intensity interval training featuring our Six Zone power circuit. Rotate between cardio, strength, plyometrics, core, speed agility and more.


Learn proper lifting techniques and movements that will be used in Hustle&Muscle including olympic movements, kettlebells, use of MyZone and mroe. This class is requilred before taking Hustle&Muscle and insures safe effective programming in all Team Training Classes.